Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Actor PAUL BETTANY became addicted to cocaine as he struggled to cope with his younger brother's death and his parents' divorce. The A BEAUTIFUL MIND star's eight-year-old brother MICHAEL died after falling out of a tree onto concrete when Bettany was 16. His parents separated several years later. Bettany, now 34, admits his lifestyle veered out of control before therapy finally got him back on track. He says, "I was just so shattered by what happened. I reckon it took me something like 10 years to get over it. I felt this guilt about still being alive after Matthew died. "But, through therapy, I stopped doing all the bad stuff. It was slowly destroying me. I had this need to punish myself. "I stopped doing drugs when I realised I couldn't function without them. And coincidentally that's when I started working." (GES/WNTSU/SC) .

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