Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Zambia: Tackle Drug Abuse

DRUG abuse is undoubtedly becoming an endemic problem. What is more worrying is that despite the concerted efforts the world has made to fight the scourge, more new cases keep emerging. Therefore, there is urgent need to revise means of combating this despicable cancer. In Zambia, like the rest of the world, the abuse is more prevalent among the youth. Some of the reasons that have contributed to indulgence are inactivity among users. It so appears that by perhaps arresting alleged traffickers, growers and sometimes users, the world has been concentrating more on the symptoms than causes. Admittedly, there is considerable amount of time spent on education and awareness, but then the emphasis may also be on the after-effects. Maybe it is time that the world extended the fight to the causes of drug abuse.

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