Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nurse sues Cleveland Clinic after drug abuse allegation

CLEVELAND - A nurse has sued the Cleveland Clinic, claiming hospital officials wrongly accused her of using drugs and held her against her will before firing her. In May, Brianna Sharp, 42, was called into a meeting in which hospital administrators accused her of giving a patient pain medication without a proper order and having a substance abuse problem, the lawsuit claims. A nurse manager had "reasonable suspicion" that Sharp was impaired, according to an employee corrective action report of the meeting. After Sharp voluntarily took a drug test, clinic managers would not let her drive home to Warren, about 50 miles southeast of Cleveland. Instead, she said they watched over her for three hours while she waited for a ride. When she needed to retrieve items from her car, clinic managers made her ride there and back in a police cruiser, she said.

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