Sunday, August 20, 2006

Address youth drug addiction collectively

The Lions Club of Dar es Salaam has called on the society to focus on collective responsibility in addressing the problem of drug addiction among the youths. Speaking at the occasion to inaugurate the new board of directors in Dar es Salaam at the weekend, new Lions Club President of Dar es Salaam (Azania) Mikidadi Hamza said drug abuse remained a matter of concern for the youth. ”If the youths continue misusing drugs, our generation is likely to lose possible talented leaders,” he said. Drug addicts are rendered helpless by the substances they take such that they cannot contribute effectively to the growth of the national economy. ”Every member of the society should make a contribution to end the predicament,” he said. Tanzania, just like many other African countries in south of Sahara, said Hamza, has had enough of problems ranging from malaria, HIV/Aids, drought and floods.”Consumption of drugs worsens the already bad situation,” he said.

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