Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Drug addiction ruins many families

Inside the room, lit only by a kerosene lamp, five men crouched around a small stool. The lamp flickers on the stool while the men use a foil to heat up something they call heroin, a popular drug for the addicts. The five men are there in different shapes and doing different things. One is holding a pipe while another, tears in his dreary eyes, looks for more drugs. The scene is common in many slum huts in Dhaka's Saidabad area, according to some neighbours. Such "adda" takes place in hundreds of huts in the impoverished area - sometimes to the knowledge of law enforcement agencies. Some parties go late into the night. And there are women too. Rasheda -- not her real name -- does odd work for survival. At 28, she looks like a woman in the late 50s. She loses balance and trembles like a sick person whenever she fails to get her doses of heroin.

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