Friday, September 22, 2006

Video statements in Lakin case detail sex, drug abuse allegations

One is a shaggy-haired boy, now 16. Another, a distressed elder brother. Then there's the bewildered woman, just barely 18. And two older women who say they were overwhelmed with drugs and sex. Their video statements, recorded in April for East Alton attorney Ed Unsell and made available to the Post-Dispatch, present a clearer and more emotional picture of the child sex and drug abuse allegations against former attorney and Metro East power broker Tom Lakin. The accusations paint Lakin - publicly an accomplished lawyer and political boss - as a free-wheeling man of sexual avarice. Tom Lakin's exact whereabouts are unknown, but Brad Lakin, who heads the firm his father founded, has strenuously denied the allegations that also accuse him and another brother of trying to cover up the sordid affair.

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