Friday, October 06, 2006

South Africa: Crackdown On Teen Drug Abuse

THE Tshwane council is drafting drastic bylaws to give Metro cops the power to conduct drug tests at schools, concerts, stadiums, movie theatres and in other public places. This follows last week's announcement by Tshwane Executive Mayor Gwen Ramokgopa that she wanted to implement radical bylaws to combat drug abuse in the city. The initiative will see Tshwane becoming the first city in the country to introduce the bylaws. Mel Vosloo, the Tshwane Metro Police spokesman, said the proposal already enjoyed the support of all political parties. "The levels of drug abuse are far too high. This problem needs to be combated on every level of society." He said the council had established that cinemas, schools, concerts and stadiums were places where drug-use was more prevalent.

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