Tuesday, November 21, 2006

George Michael - Drug Addiction For Real

The former lead singer of Wham hit rock bottom with anti-drug and alcohol prevention groups with his recent comments and his behavior prior to filming the British TV program, The South Bank Show. Comments attributed to Michael included the claim this that his pot-smoking behavior has kept him "sane and happy." The singer made headlines not only with his comments but with film clips that reportedly showed him lighting up a joint before the interview on the British show. Paul Corry of the agency Rethink panned the behavior and was highly critical of the singer. Michael's "comments are stupid and naïve." said Corry. "Cannabis is not a risk-free drug. For a significant minority of people it is a trigger for developing a severe long term mental illness ..." Twice in the last nine months, Michael has been found slumped over in a car seemingly under the influence of some substances.

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